Evolve Warrior Fight Night Gives Students A Chance To Shine

Evolve Warrior Fight Night Gives Students A Chance To Shine

ONE Championship - June 5, 2019
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Evolve MMA, one of the top mixed martial arts gyms in Asia, held its inaugural Evolve Warrior Fight Night on Saturday, 25 May.

The event is a monthly competition night, which aims to give the Singapore gym’s students an opportunity to test their skills against each other in an actual match setting.

For the first edition, it was an evening devoted to Muay Thai bouts. However, Evolve intends to feature other martial arts contests in future installments.

In the spirit of celebrating martial arts, the competitors showcased not only their talent and heart, but also the values of honor, humility, and respect.

The success of the event is largely owed to the work ethic of the participants, as everyone prepared to the best of their abilities in order to deliver top-notch performances.

Former ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion and Evolve instructor Sam-A Gaiyanghadao can attest to this, as some of his students entered the ring for battle.

“As an instructor, it’s always great to see your students put into practice what you have taught them in class,” he said.

“Most of these competitors started training at Evolve MMA with no prior martial arts experience, and to see how far they have come is impressive.

“I know how much hard work they have had to put into getting ready for the fight night, and seeing their dedication to the art of Muay Thai truly makes me happy and proud.”

Singaporean actor and Evolve student Maxi Lim also competed in the event.

Not only was he grateful for the chance to display his skills, but he showed his appreciation to the gym and credited Evolve for his incredible transformation — both physically and mentally.

“I’ve been with you guys (Evolve MMA) for three to four years now,” he said.

“I bet a lot of you have watched my movies, you know how fat I was. But this is life-changing, I picked up some good habits here and lost some weight.”

While everyone came out as a winner in their own right, a trio of memorable standouts won some incredible prizes.

Aw Boon Leong won the $100 cash prize for the Best Sportsmanship of the Night, Peter Hannah won the $500 cash prize for being the Most Technical Fighter of the Night, and Anthony Bell won the grand prize — a one-year Evolve membership worth $4,000 for the Performance of the Night.

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