Park Dae-Sung: Korea’s hottest prospect

Park Dae-Sung: Korea’s hottest prospect

RoadFC - July 3, 2017
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Park Dae-Sung has the distinction of being one of only two Korean lightweights who made it out of the International Trials to be seeded in the $1 Million Tournament, the other being Kim Chang-Hyun.

He’s a prodigy from Team MOB who stunned the audience with his amazing performance. Park faced much more experienced MMA fighter Rodrigo Caporal, former RUFF champ, who is also a black belt in jiu jitsu and a highly accomplished grappler.

Park studied Caporal thoroughly. It was obvious. His takedown defense was on point, he fed knees and shots inside, and controlled the fight almost to the final bell. The 23-year old was ecstatic to have his hand raised.

“His jiu jitsu is strong, but my wrestling was better. I tried to knock him out, but anyway I beat him. In every way I beat him.”

Park was one of many Korean fighters who started in the ROAD FC amateur leagues. After much success in the Into League in 2013, he went pro and had some hard fights against more experienced opponents. Then in just one year he went on a 3-fight win streak.

Seeing MMA as his long-term future, Park was smart and got his mandatory military duties out of the way early. His return pitted him against fellow superrookie Kim Kyung-Pyo at ROAD FC 035 in what became a fight of the year contender. And so he earned a shot in the Trials.

Park has made a name for himself both in and out of the cage. While his fight style earned him the moniker “Crazy Dog”, he also tends to bark out his opinions at the slightest provocation. He knows what people think, but…

“I don’t get it. I’m being just as authentic as when I’m in a fight. I want you to remember that I am a fighter.”

Sure, but there was that incident when he got a little too rambunctious with ROAD Girl Choi Seol-Hwa​ following a win, prompting so much criticism that he had to publicly apologise to her.

“When I won I was so happy that I couldn’t control myself. But That’s no excuse. I was wrong and I’m really sorry to Miss Choi.”

With that behind him, and fantastic performances making more of an impression on the fans, Park is looking forward to a dream come true.

“My childhood dream was to fight in the UFC. But my dream is being realized in ROAD FC. There are many high level fighters coming to this tournament, so I think that ROAD FC is no different than UFC or Bellator. I’m determined to give everything in this match. I will fight with no regrets. Because I would really like to beat up Kwon A-Sol one day.”

Park Dae-Sung meets Shimoishi Kota at the opening round of the 16-man $1 Million Lightweight Tournament: Road to A-Sol on July 15th, Xiaomi ROAD FC 040 in Seoul, South Korea.

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