Insight: ‘Highschool Fighter’ Lee Ye-Ji

Insight: ‘Highschool Fighter’ Lee Ye-Ji

RoadFC - March 10, 2017
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‘High School Fighter’ Lee Ye-Ji Xiaomi
arch 11, 2017
Live from Seoul, South Korea

Lee Ye-Ji has had the nickname ‘High School Fighter’ since she started MMA because that’s exactly what she is. She debuted in July 2015 at ROAD FC Japan and was anticipated to be absolutely inferior to the veteran she faced, Shinoshi Satoko.

However, Ye-Ji was able to show off her skills standing and on the ground. Although she was defeated, she proved her potential and emerged as a new face of ROAD FC’s female fighters.Ye-Ji has recently won two fights back to back. Next she will participate in the first all-female card ROAD FC XX, and will rematch Shinoshi Satoko. She aims at revenge and three consecutive wins in at the same time.

Ye-Ji’s coach, Jeon Chan-Jun, happens to be her cousin-in-law, so he met her when she was young. When Jeon got to know her, he thought, “If she learns combat sports, she will do really well.” It was because when he looked in her eyes, he saw intelligence. When he talked, she focused and listened unlike the usual children he coached.

Ye-Ji started training in her first year of junior high school, but she came only to play and exercise. Then, in less than a month, she went to a kickboxing event. She thought “I’d like to try that,” and so she began training in

Jeon said that while many fighters need a lot of practice on a technique, Ye-Ji’s ability to watch and understand is excellent. Some athletes have to practice 10 days with one technique, but Ye-Ji can learn 10 techniques in one day. So her coach has to slow her down so that she does each technique properly because he knows it is really important to have a strong base.

This time, Ye-Ji will have a rematch with Shinashi Satoko, and she says she is preparing differently than for the last match. “I was hit a lot in the first match, I have to have another chance,” she says. “I may be intelligent and
passionate, but my pride can’t tolerate three losses.” She knows Shinashi is 40 years old, and that she is small, but her career, technique, and ability to run the match her way are top-level. Ye-Ji has really studied hard for this rematch and she wants to prove she is a rising star.

“As a high school student, I have one year left, and I don’t know what will happen in a year,” Ye-Ji
says, “but I have another female athlete on the team, and it will be a boost. If female athletes have support, there will be more sparring partners, more training, more maturity. As I get older, I mature mentally.”

Coach Jeon Chan-Jun’s encouragement for Ye-Ji:
“You are my family. It’s good if family can enjoy exercising together and laugh. In competition,
think of the meaning of the challenge and search for the strength inside of you. I am happy to guide you on this path. I want you excel in the future.”

Lee Ye-Ji’s record
Professional MMA
2W – 2L

Amateur MMA ROAD FC Central League
0W – 1L

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